Happy Bathukamma Images, Quotes, Wishes, Whatsapp Status


Happy Bathukamma Images / Happy Bathukamma Quotes / Happy Bathukamma WishesHappy Bathukamma Whatsapp Status / Bathukamma Songs : In Telangana, Bathukamma festival celebrated very grandly, unique festival of flowers. And also known as floral festival celebrated by Hindu women of Telangana. According to Hindu calendar every year in the mid of September – October in the Bhadrapada Amavasya the festival comes. Bathukamma celebrates by showing the relationship between earth, water and the human beings. During this entire week, women make Boddemma a divinity of Gowri – Matha Durga are made with earthly mud along with Bathukamma and leaves it in the pond. Which strengthen the ponds and helps it to get more water. This festival is the sign of Telangana’s culture and traditional identity. Here we are providing Happy Bhathukamma Images.

Happy Bathukamma Images, Quotes, Wishes, Whatsapp Status

Happy Bhathukamma Images
Happy Bathukamma Images

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Bathukamma is the vibrant festival which is so colorful with flowers that grow in each region. The festival starts a week before the Saddula Bathukamma which falls two days before Dussehra. The most plentiful of these are the Gunuka Poolu and Tangedu Poolu. Other flowers  like the banti, chemanti, nandi-vardhanam etc.The flowers used in Bathukamma purifies the water and  when these flowers dipped in plenty into the pond it cleanses the water which makes the surroundings and environment clean and healthy. The women folk  get back to their parent’s home from their in-laws and breathe the fresh air of freedom to celebrate the colors of flowers.

The women also gather in a large circle around it. They start singing songs like “Bathukamma Bathukamma Uyaloo Ma Thalli Bathukamma Uyaloo” by circling it repeatedly Bathukamma resonate in the streets until late night during the entire week and building a human circle of unity. Bathukamma comes during the half of monsoon means before the arrival of winter. The monsoon rains usually brings plenty of water into the fresh water ponds of Telangana. It is also the time when wild blossom in various colors all throughout the unrefined. And infertile plains of the region. And we wish all the people of Telangana get good health & wealth by this Bathukamma festival.

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