Iru Mugan 2nd Day Collections, 2 Days Collections Report


Iru Mugan 2nd Day Collections / Iru Mugan 2 Days Collections : The Science fiction movie of Chiyan Vikram’s Iru Mugan was released on September 8th 2016. As the Trailer of Iru Mugan Took the film to some high extent. And now movie has released. This movie is written and directed by Anand Shankar.  As we all know Vikram plays the male lead role. And Nayanthara as well as Nithya Menon as playing the female lead roles in the film. The movie is doing well in theaters as all expected. Lets have a look on entire article for Iru Mugan 2nd day collections report.

Iru Mugan 2nd Day Collections, 2 Days Box Office Collections

Iru Murugan 2nd Day Collection, 2 Days Box Office Collections
Iru Mugan 2nd Day Collections, 2 Days Box Office Collections

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Coming to the story as seen in the trailer be before Vikram is playing to vital roles in this movie one is Akhil and other one is Love. The movie goes in the way that Akhil is dealing with the case for four years back in search of against Love and there is personal problem with him. Love is most wanted criminal for Malaysan police for the mysterious case

Nayanthara has shown her screen presence is so different from the previous films. And she looks too pretty as well as good. Nithya Menon also gives her best in this movie with entirely different looks. 

Iru Mugan Movie Highlights :

Lets have a look on positives and negatives of Iru Mugan.Interval bang leaves the audience more surprising and each every people in theaters are eagerly wants to see the what happens in second half? “. Vikram all gives his 100% above to the film same he has done his hard work to this movie Iru Mugan. He attracts the audience by his spectacular performances in double roles especially need to specify about Love character. The way he walks in the character and body language and the way he reacts wow what not. With Super performance of character and mainly the chasing scenes give more hype to the movie.

Iru Mugan 2nd day Domestic / Worldwide / Overseas and Two Days total box office ( B O) collections As below

Day Collections
Day 1 5 Crores ( ap / tg ) + 4 ( Tamilnadu and others ) +.05 cr ( overseas ) *
Day 2 3 cr + 3 cr*
Total 8 cr ( Ap / Tg ) + 7 cr ( TN) + 1 cr ( Overseas )*

Nithya Menen has been doing these small roles which do not have any weight in the film. She is wasted in her role as Vikram overshadows her completely throughout the film. Two songs in unwanted areas disturbs the flow of the film to an extent. Iru Mugan has given good opening at Tamil box office. 1st day collections are of 7 crores in Tamilnadu ,5 crores over all Andhra Pradesh & Telangana. Overseas collections are of 1 crore. Hope this movie brings more collections.For more updates regarding this movie keep visiting our website

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