Rustom 19th Day Collection, 20th Day Collections


Rustom 19th Day Collection, Rustom 20th Day Collections : Rustom a Bollywood 2016 sensational film was released on 12 August 2016 and getting good response from the audience. Rustom movie doing well at the box office and got more than 120 crores collections till date. Recently Rustom movie completed it’s 18th day successfully with 1.89 crores. The makers very happy with the result and collections. Rustom movie got positive reviews from the critics. This is complete Crime Mystery film written by Vipul K Rawal and Directed by Tinu Suresh Desai. Hope Rustom will collect more collections at box office. Now let’s have a look at Rustom 19th day collection and day by day box office collections report here.

Rustom 19th Day Collection, 20th Day Collections

Rustom 19th Day Collection, 20th Day Collections
Rustom 19th Day Collection, 20th Day Collections

Rustom movie having best combination with Akshay Kumar, Neerak Pandey. We all know about these guys, Akshay Kumar is a Bollywood Superhero and Neeraj Pandey is a sensational movie maker. If we ask Neeraj Pandey sir about failure he will reply like this.. i don’t know that word. Because since a long he don’t have a failure in his career. This is third combination for both and they made it very well. This film will become third hit for both combination. After Special 26, Baby Akshay Kumar is tasting another hit in his career.

Rustom 19th day Domestic / Worldwide / Overseas and 19 Days  total box office ( B O)  collections As below

Day Collections
Day 1 14.11 Crores ( domestic ) + 8.30 Cr ( overseas )
Day 2 16.43 cr + 5.65 cr
Day 3 19.88 cr
Day 4

*Day 5

17.81 cr

7.67 Cr

Day 6 6.38 cr
Day 7 8.62 cr
Day 8 4.41 cr
Day 9 5.77 cr
Day 10 6.94 cr
Day 11 2.21 cr
Day 12 1.97 cr
Day 13 2.34 cr
Day 14 2.47 cr
Day 15 1.29 cr*
Day 16 1.89 cr*
Day 17 2.09 Cr*
Day 18 1.89 Cr*
Day 19 Update soon..
Total 124.01 cr + 


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