Rustom 21st Day Collection, 22nd Day Collections


Rustom 21st Day Collection / Rustom 22nd Day Total Collections : Rustom collection proved itself successful for staying on the top blockbuster charts for more than a week. Akshay Kumar’s Rustam is performing exceptionally well at the box office.The movie’s journey began with its release on Independence day holiday weekend. The competition of clash between Mohenjo Daro and Rustom was one of the most anticipated things here. Rustom movie was successful in winning the clash among two blockbusters by a small margin.There was a small conversation between Hrithik Roshan and Akshay Kumar before the release of two films. Let’s have a look on Rustom movie total box office collections and day by day collections report.

Rustom 21st Day Collection , 22nd Day Collections

Rustom 21st Day Collection , 22nd Day Collections
Rustom 21st Day Collection , 22nd Day Collections

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Rustom Movie Total Collections:

Krrish 3 and Bang Bang was one of the biggest flops in Hollywood history for Hrithik. .Rustom box office collection had already crossed the mark of 150 crore rupees and going to make 200 crores. As the month passes, many other movies are ready for release. Cinema owners will have to give space for new movies.

The positive thing we observed during its release was growing the popularity of Akshay Kumar in the industry. And occasionally got a bigger stage to perform.One after another, all three films of Akshay on nationalism recorded superhit innings on the box office. After doing movies like” Holiday, Baby and Airlift“, Akshay went to try his hard with the movie. Akshay had worked very hard in his life and gave us a good number of entertaining films, which is the main reason behind the love he is getting today.

More About Rustom Movie :

The promotion of film had done on various levels by the superstars, producers didn’t take even a mint spear chance of giving a fail. And Rustam performed much better in rural areas and multiplexes in comparison to the urban areas. The movie remained super strong in northern and central India. Response from PVR’s and Multiplexes touches heights as nearly every screen was featuring the same movie in the majority of theaters because of houseful shows. “Response was good in East Punjab, UP, Mumbai and central India along with national capital Delhi”. As well as negative talks also have come from many centers the movie dint perform well in some centers like Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan .

Rustom Collections Till Date :

The opening 1st day collections, Rustom collection was successful in reaching the figure of 14.11 crore rupees. The weekend brought some good news for the film as it got some speed on box office. The film collected 16 crores and 19.88 crores on Saturday and Sunday respectively.  Rustam minted 50.42 crore nett which is a high figure. And sure to reach 150 crores.

Rustom Movie 3 Weeks Collections Report :

The movie earned 17.81 cr from Indian market as 4th-day collection. The downfall rate was around 10% on Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday took the film in a cold chamber with more than 50% drop on the weekdays. Figure of approximately 21 crores averaging the earnings to 7 crore rupees for each weekday during the first week. On the 7th day it made a figure of 09.62 crore  basically because of the festival.

Rustom Movie Box Office Report :

The 2nd Friday was good despite, it was successful in earning a figure of 4.41 crore rupees in a single day.Subsequently totaling the earnings of the 1st weekend to 17.12 crores.The movie was successful in earning 5.77 crores and 6.94 crores on Saturday and Sunday. As its 3rd weekend, Rustom collections again took a fresh boost and got 4.90 crores as a 3rd weekend collection which is a great figure. Rustam BOX Office collection stands at 1.70 crores and 1.95 crores on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Rustom Movie Oversees Collection :

A great response from UAE-GCC countries and the United States has been observed. Movie earned 32.34 crore rupees total amount as overseas earnings from around the world. With this, Rustom Collection had successfully crossed the figure of 200 crores worldwide gross. And 154.25 crores all over the world.

Rustom 21st day Collection Domestic / Worldwide / Overseas and 21 Days  total box office ( B O)  collections As below
Day Collections
Day 1 14.11 Crores ( domestic ) + 8.30 Cr ( overseas )
Day 2 16.43 cr + 5.65 cr
Day 3 19.88 cr
Day 4

*Day 5

17.81 cr

7.67 Cr

Day 6 6.38 cr
Day 7 8.62 cr
Day 8 4.41 cr
Day 9 5.77 cr
Day 10 6.94 cr
Day 11 2.21 cr
Day 12 1.97 cr
Day 13 2.34 cr
Day 14 2.47 cr
Day 15 1.29 cr*
Day 16 1.89 cr*
Day 17 2.09 Cr*
Day 18 1.89 Cr*
Day 19 1.50 Cr*
Day 20 1.35 Cr*
Day 21 1.65 Cr*
Day 19 Update soon..
Total 128.01 cr + 


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